Poetry of the Language


Seeking to be Transcending Patterns, wanting to support the emergence of the condition of Melted Unity, we hope to contribute to the development of the social capacity to use the Language as Poetry.


Mechanistic, 'box and arrow' implementations of complex systems tend to be fragile and simplistic, often with capacity only to deliver against one or two success measures.
Deep quality is a holistic experiential measure, but it seems to correlate highly with resilience, with sustainability and with synergistic interaction with other systems.

In 'bolted together' attempts at complex systems, each aspect (whether written as a 'pattern' or not) tends to be doing just one thing.


Work to implement systems where each aspect is a contributor to multiple desirable outcomes. Achieving this requires bringing the insights of several patterns into play in each functional situation.


Patterns are brought to life as Social Poetry. Language Gardeners can develop skills in understanding how individual patterns can be brought into being in synchrony. Hierarchy of Scope can offer insights into bringing together outcomes at different scales in space and time.