Language Gardeners


We are working to develop a Living Language, seeking to foster it as a Social Poetry. Now we can begin to think about the specific social structures through which can become real.


Patterns are, by definition, serious subjects. Better implementations are believed to contribute significantly to better outcomes. The social engagement around patterns needs to be equally serious.

From 'A Pattern Language'; "... each pattern may be looked upon as a hypothesis like one of the hypotheses of science."

The publishing, refinement, testing, re-statement and even eventual retirement of a pattern, or group of patterns, is a serious business - akin to a scientific topic area.

To sustain this seriousness - in terms of caring deeply about the quality of the hypothesis, of being open to suggestions for change, of testing these rigorously in a careful setting, while at the same time holding on to the understanding of the context as a Living Language - something alive and growing: this requires an attitude that we can think of as akin to serious gardening.


Develop a culture of pattern curation and development groups - "Language Gardeners", perhaps - who (formally or informally) take responsibility for the quality of either a single pattern or a linked group of patterns. Support and nurture these groups - discover their needs and seek to meet them.


Patterns detailing possible appropriate support structures for such groups will be here.