Pattern Scope


A Living Language will contain many patterns, each of which will take the form it needs. At a first approximation, consider the scope of a pattern.


Lack of clarity about the scope of a pattern means that it is not yet a pattern that is safe to use.
All Patterns have an appropriate scope. The {not recognised} describes typical scope conditions in terms of a hierarchy of relevance in terms of time and /or space.

In documenting a pattern, it is not helpful to be concerned with its place in such a hierarchy, but to pay attention directly to the qualities, characteristics and flows that make it a pattern.

Understanding and describing these in terms of their interactions over time and space will give clues as to the Pattern's appropriate place in the Language.


Seek to understand the scope of a pattern, in terms of how it unfolds across time and space.


This pattern will be related to others attempting to act as research and documentation guides for Pattern development.