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A Pattern Language of Money

A developing systemic mapping of the cultural institution we know as Money

- some seeds -

The few patterns you can find here are nothing more than sketches; a partial, single-pass approach from a few authors (Matthew Slater and Dil Green ) - in the hope of communicating the promise of what might be possible if a community became engaged in developing a Pattern Language of Money (PLoM). The vision here is one of connection, of interaction, of cross-fertilisation - a context in which all sorts of understandings and framings of Money could come into lively relationship.


The Patterns

Emergent Patterns

We begin with that part of the language which describes the cultural experience of Money. This has not been - and could not be - consciously built: these cultural contractions have developed as a consequence of myriads of systemic interactions - emergent conditions, as the complexity scientists say.
An emergent pattern flow text


Money Institutions

We now move on to that part of the language which describes the key structures and processes that can and have been developed and operated by social groups - the builders and architects of Money.

A Buildable Flow Text

A Buildable pattern flow text


Money Actions

Here we identify practices and actions that agents in the Money system enact.

A doable flow text.

A doable pattern flow text.