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This is the pattern name - unique, iconic

status indicator - ie 'sketch'

This is a short 'story' text that introduces the pattern. also here are links to other patterns which form immediate contexts for this one.


The problem statement. The reason that implementations/instances of this pattern are important. The forces at work which need resolving. Without a problem statement for a pattern, we don't understand why the hypothesis that a pattern can be seen as, is worth atempting.
The body of the pattern - the argument which leads to the hypothesis; context, research, analysis, leading to the conclusion ...


A paragraph, two or three at most, perhaps with diagrams, which convert the generic / parametric conditions of a constructive / life-like / helpful / holistic resolution of the forces that produce the problem.


A short 'story' text which introduces us to patterns of narrower scope which will help to reinforce this one - enhance its liveliness / viability with links.